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Pressure calibration

Caliz RVA ilac-MRA

Recent pressure calibration optimisation:
New dead weight tester with a range until 1200 bar


Pressure calibration

RvA accreditation K152

Pressure measurements are performed in many sectors of industry, from absolute pressure gauges in the aircraft industry to sphygmomanometers in the medical sector, from tyre pressure gauges for vehicles to (smart) transmitters in the process industry. All of these can be calibrated at Caliz B.V.


RvA scope K 152

For liquid pressure a dead weight tester is used for a stable measurement.

For gas gauge pressure, nitrogen is used as feed pressure and under atmospheric pressure is created using a vacuum pump. The pressure is controlled using the standard pressure calibrator.

A transmitter or sensor without display can be calibrated by measuring a voltage or current compared to the pressure exerted.

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