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Geometrical calibration

Caliz RVA ilac-MRA

Caliz B.V. performs RvA-accredited calibrations for a wide range of geometrical instruments.


Geometrical calibration

RvA accreditation K152

Caliz B.V. is RvA-accredited for a wide range of geometrical calibrations. Examples of these are:

  • gauge blocks
  • ring gauges
  • dial gauges
  • thread plug gauges
  • displacement sensors
  • micrometer calliper heads
  • squares
  • straight-edges
  • angle gauges
  • spirit levels
  • callipers and micrometers

This is only part of our package. See the RvA scope K 152 for a complete overview.


RvA scope K 152

Examples of the standards used to perform these calibrations are:

  • gauge block comparator
  • ULM 1-D length measuring machine
  • surface plate and squareness column
  • surface plate and standard straight-edge
  • optical dividing head
  • sine bar
  • standard gauge blocks
  • optical measuring system


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Geometrische kalibratie