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Force and torque calibration

Caliz RVA ilac-MRA

Force and torque calibration optimisations:
• RvA calibration of torque wrenches until 2000Nm
• Traceable calibration of torque wrenches until 3000Nm


Unique in the Netherlands

RvA accreditation K152

Caliz B.V. is the only company in the Netherlands
with RvA accreditation for calibrating torque test
systems. This is possible for a range up to 2000Nm.
Caliz B.V. can also calibrate torque wrenches.

From Januari 2013 the range for calibrating torque
wrenches is increased from 1000Nm to 3000Nm,
were the range up to 2000Nm is RvA accredited.

From Januari 2013 Caliz B.V. is RvA accredited
for force measurement in the range up to 50kN,
tension and compression.

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RvA scope K152

Caliz B.V. has an almost unique measuring set-up
for the calibration of torque test systems. This is a
set-up were precise torque values can be generated
using known arm lengths and weights.

The torque wrenches are calibrated using a device
in according to ISO standard 6789.

The calibration of force meters is performed by
comparissing with reference tranceducers.
Force meters up to 1kN are being calibrated
with “deadweight”.


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