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Caliz, your guarantee for quality

“Measuring instruments without demonstrable traceable calibration produces a measured value that is hardly of any use. By calibrating a measuring instrument in a demonstrably traceable manner, the read-out of the instrument is guaranteed.”

Conditioned laboratory

Caliz B.V. has a conditioned laboratory with four calibration engineers and an administrative assistant. The latter is also the main point of contact for our customers.

Many years of experience

All of the calibration engineers have many years of experience and have completed approved calibration training in the field of pressure, electrical, geometric, torque/force and temperature/humidity calibration.

RvA traceable

The RvA accreditation is essential to Caliz B.V. to be able to guarantee the traceability and reliability of each calibration result. Caliz B.V. developed her laboratory in Berlicum with the motivation that it has mastered calibration technology and has RvA (Dutch Accreditation Council) traceable standards to be able to perform the calibrations in question.

Direct contact


top-left: Vincent Bomers
centre: Eddie Cornelissen
top-right: Mathé van de Pol
bottom-left: Ton Smal
bottom-right: René Reijbroek

Competent from IJkwezen

The origins of Caliz B.V. can be traced back to the privatisation of the Dutch Metrological Service on 1 May 1989. All of the shares of the Nederlands Meetinstituut N.V. [NMi or Dutch Metrology Institute] incorporated at the time were owned by the State of the Netherlands. One of the four operating companies under this public company was the NMi Testing and Advice Centre, NMi TAC in short.

In 1994 it was decided to restructure the NMi group. NMi TAC became a sister of the Dutch Metrology Institute, rather than a subsidiary under a new joint holding company, Holland Metrology N.V.

Furthermore, the name of the company was changed from NMi TAC to Kalibra Nederland B.V. in October 1995 and full independence in terms of strategy, policy and execution was agreed between Kalibra and Holland Metrology.


In April 1999, a management buy-out was completed and all Kalibra Nederland B.V. shares were transferred to a new holding company, Kalibra Holding B.V. As a result, Holland Metrology and the Dutch Metrology Institute became two separate entities.

In February 2008, the Director of Kalibra announced that, due to a centralisation of work in Delft, the laboratory facilities of the department in Berlicum would be phased out. A group of 5 employees took the initiative to continue the work independently.

This resulted in the birth of Caliz B.V. on 1 January 2009.