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Temperature and humidity calibration

Caliz RVA ilac-MRA

Temperature and humidity calibration optimization:
• Improved uncertainty to 0,015 °C for themperature calibrations
• Improved uncertainty to 1,0 % for humidity calibrations


Calibration of contact and non-contact thermometers

RvA accreditation K152

Caliz B.V. calibrates various types of contact and non-contact thermometers traceable to the international temperature scale from 1990, the ITS-90. The method used for contact thermometers is a comparative measurement using standard platinum resistance thermometers (SPRT’s) and type R thermocouples in temperature-stabilised baths and furnaces. Since april 2010 is the range for contact thermometers expanded with a fluidized bath and a tube furnace from 230 °C to 1050 °C. This expansion has been accepted by the RvA. Our complete range is from -100 – 1050 °C. Look at the scope for CMC (Calibration Measurement Capability).

With the purchase of two infrared calibrators in 2010 is the workload for temperature calibrations expanded with the calibration capability for non-contact thermometers (infrared thermometers) in the range from -15 °C to 500 °C. Since 2011 are these expansions also accepted by the RvA

Additionally, Caliz B.V. also calibrates various types of thermo-hygrometers and sensors in the range 30–90% RH. A climate chamber can be used to generate various relative humidity values at differing ambient temperatures. These created humidity conditions are traceable measured using a standard dew point meter and multiple thermistors, so that in the end the relative humidity can be calculated from these quantities. Dataloggers and thermo-hygrographs also form part of the workload.


RvA K 152 scope

Used standards:

  • 8 liquid baths
  • block thermostat
  • fluidised calibration bath
  • 2 tube furnaces
  • Isotech TTI-22 standard thermometer
  • Fluke 4180 and 4181 infrared calibrators
  • various SPRT’s
  • type R thermocouples
  • Isotech TTI-7 standard thermometer
  • Agilent HP34420
  • MBW dew point meter
  • climate chamber


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